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Who We Serve

The Legacy Wealth Ideal Client...

  • Is a financial delegator.  They let us handle all of their "financial stuff".
  • Is passionate about their goals and realizes that pursuing them requires both money AND planning.
  • Has the desire to preserve and/or potentially increase invested assets.
  • Enjoys the simplicity, freedom, and confidence that comes from having all of their financial assets under the watchful eye of a trusted advisor
  • Values the work we do and is comfortable with our way of doing business and the way that we are compensated
  • Understands that the best way to build our Ideal Client Community is by their willingness to introduce us to other people who share these common characteristics
  • Are not a "performance chaser" in relation to their investments, but have realistic return expectations to be generated in a prudent manner
  • Focuses on what is really important to them and they want to hear the truth from us, both good and bad
  • Allows us into their lives on an intimate level, so we can tailor a true wealth plan specifically for them